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your photographer & video girl


I’m Sabrina, primary photographer and videographer of Sincerely Photo + Video. I’m an introvert, a Virgo, an INFP, a Ravenclaw, and an earth bender if those terms mean anything to you. I recently relocated to the Bay Area, one of my favorite places in the world, but I am also happy to travel to wherever you are, domestic or international (as I am in a constant state of wanderlust). I’ve been photographing weddings since 2011 and added videography to my services in 2016. I first discovered my love for artistic photography and filmmaking in college, and have not been able to put down a camera since.

Selecting a wedding photographer is a task of incredible importance, so to aid in your decision, I’ll try my best to outline exactly what you’re getting when you book with us:

My vows to you, the client;

I vow to listen to you, and to put your vision and desires before my own ideas, but also to be a fountain of ideas in those moments where you need suggestions,

I vow to communicate clearly, to reply as quickly as I can, and to never get annoyed with how many questions you want to ask or emails you send,

I vow to work with you while we shoot the ever-important portraits, to tell you how cute you two are and try to make you laugh, so you feel more comfortable and hopefully forget that there’s a camera on you,

I vow to not call attention to myself on your wedding day, but to blend happily into the background, and do as much kneeling, crouching and bending as necessary to get that perfect shot, while staying out of the way of your guests and other wedding professionals,

I vow to conduct myself and my team in a respectful and professional manner, which includes being joyful and enthusiastic all day long (and possibly busting moves on the dance floor during your reception, but just ignore that),

I vow to put my heart and soul into the work I produce for you and to only deliver a gallery or film that I believe is as clean and beautiful as I can possibly make it. I care about you and your love story and my goal is to ensure that your experience with me and my team leaves you with zero doubts about that.


Ask away.
A few lil facts

I was an art minor in undergrad and dream of going to film school one day. But in the meantime, I really love what I do.

I married my soul mate in 2016. We lived in New England for 1 year and mainland China for 2 years.

Top hobbies include shooting film, going to movies, eating desserts, and world travel.

I'm half Filipina, half Salvadoran. Basically, I'm genetically predisposed to always be dancing.